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Stamping Community for Sofia Coppola's 2006 film, Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette Stamping Community

Welcome to background patternmarie_stamping, a LiveJournal community dedicated to Sofia Coppola's 2006 film, Marie Antoinette! As you may know, a stamping community is basically a place where people get together to vote on your application to decide which character from the movie you resemble the most, according to personality and pictures. It's actually a lot of fun, so join in and try it!


background patternkillerqueen

The Rules


01. You must join the community to be able post and vote. (That's a bit obvious, but I might as well say it!)

02. You don't need to be stamped to vote, so go ahead!

03. Be respectful! I do not want to have to say this more than once, please. You must respect other members, no matter what. Being playful is fine, but don't go further than that. Play nice!

04. Don't push for a certain character in your application, follow the rules, provide enough information, and be truthful! If not, you will be sent to Madame Guillotine! If you have been sent here, you may re-apply after one day.

05. For the subject line of your application, write "Let them eat..." or some variation of that to show you've read the rules. This will change regularly, so check here to see what you've got to write! Those who don't have this as their subject line will not be stamped until they change it. If the stamping round comes along and you have yet to change your subject line, you will be stamped with Madame Guillotine. You will be regularly stamped once you change your subject line. Also, you must tag your applications with the phrase "needs votes."

06. You will have a week to garner votes, or receive 10 votes, whichever comes first. For themes, you'll have a week or 5 to 7 votes.

07. Pictures are great, but definitely not necessary. If you do not feel comfortable posting a picture, you don't have to do so. If you want to, you can write a description of yourself.

08. Do not delete members' votes/comments. They are taking time out of their day to read your application, so please be respectful.

09. If someone pointed you in the direction of this community, please credit them so I can thank them.

10. Promote, promote, PROMOTE! We want to maintain this community as fun and active as possible.


01. Don't like/agree with who you've been stamped as? You can re-apply once, and afterwards choose just one character that you'll be officially stamped as. Also, you have to wait at least one month to re-apply.

02. When voting, please choose at most two characters for the person.

03. Please, bold your votes! It makes stamping a lot easier for me and it makes the page look prettier.

04. You can post articles, information, curious facts, comics, pictures, drawings/paintings, or whatever other interesting things you find about Marie-Antoinette or those related to her.

05. Whenever posting, write "Stamped as..." in the subject line (including who you were stamped as, obviously).

06. If you want to promote your community, that's alright, but please keep it to a maximum of once a week.

07. HAVE FUN! It's not cool if you're always depressed, so come on, live a little and have a good time.

08. You can address questions, comments, and suggestions to me, background patternkillerqueen, so please feel free to contact me anytime.
The Application and Stamps


01. Ambassador Mercy
02. Aunt Victoire and Aunt Sophie
03. Comtesse de Noailles
04. Count Axel von Fersen
05. Duc de Choiseul
06. Duchesse de Polignac
07. Empress Maria Theresa
08. Joseph II
09. Louis XV
10. Louis XVI
11. Madame du Barry
12. Marie-Antoinette
13. Princesse de Lamballe
14. Madame Guillotine


Survey: Here.
Stamps: Here.
Stamped Members List: Here.


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Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

Disclaimer: All the above characters and elements of the Marie Antoinette© universe belong to Sofia Coppola. I did not create and do not own them. Please don't sue me, I'm just a college student with no money, anyway!

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